Dota 2 Epics: Magnus and Enigma Winning Combo

Diablo 3 Barbarian Defiled Crypt (Cemetery) Part 2

Diablo 3: Barbarian – Defiled Crypt (Cemetery) Part 1


This is how I feel when being good at VideoGames

This is how I feel when being good at VideoGames



Darksiders II – Find and kill Gorewood

Darksiders II – Find and kill Gorewood


Reinventing the blog

I’ve thought about how can I put more content on the blog since I have so little time and I thought I can share what I find interesting and I am starting with this little art from a friends of … Continue reading

The Premise

This is a sample of the game story I am working on. Even if doesn’t have any kind of finality I hope it’s a good read. Comments and critiques about the writing style are more than welcomed. Continue reading


Many times we find ourselves in an awful state of my mind, unable to think clearly, worrying about stuff that may or may not have important meaning for us or our future, I am this close to calling it depression, however that is a misplaced word used for people that have suffered or are in an emotional pain, so I’m going to shoot it down in this article as: lack of self-motivation.
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Game Design Analysis – Demigod

GDA – Demigod

Always thought that any close replica of a DoTA game is not worth my time, however one day my boyfriend told me that I was dead wrong and that there is something that I might find interesting in Demigod. After two months since the mention of the game in one of our conversation I decided to join in and play. Continue reading

Game Design Analysis – Wolfenstein

GDA –Wolfenstein

I am a huge fan of John Carmack. Don’t know the fellow? Google him right now, moreover do an essay of 10.000 words with the title “Why I think inverse root square is awesome?”. Continue reading