Planescape Torment

Along the lines of all the new age trends, I’ve found a smart,funny,interesting,old game.

It’s called Planescape Torment, i just sank my teeth into it and all i can say is wow. Tho it hasn’t got much voice acting, it has a lot of funny dialogs, just the sheer short lecture of Morte’s replies concerning the “chits” (female zombie workers)  around Mortuary and it got me hooked on for more.

Just a few stats so we can see the picture more clearly: it was released in 1999 by Black Isle, the same company that developed known RPGs like Icewind Dale,Fallout and Baldurs Gate. Unfortunately the plug was pulled in 2003 by Interplay and Black Isle ceased to exist, only on paper.

I didn’t play much, but right now my sincere opinion is this: developers should learn from BI how to create characters. Morte is a delight, even tho he looks something like this :

The villagers of Sigil are pretty well outlined, you will find Halots aka prostitutes, Thugs, Dustmen and Dwellers. I haven’t gone into the deep abyss of this wonderful game but from what i gather Dustmen are some sort of priests, that grant you access to  True Death, because the land i am currently in resembles the idea of purgatory. 😀

With time i will post some screenshots with content that i find to be pretty “smart” and funny. So if you want to see if it’s worth the eye ache, check them out.


2 responses to “Planescape Torment

  1. PST = Best computer-based RPG ever. Have fun playing.

  2. well, u should play it 2 the finish! it’s one of the best games, evah! i think i don’t have to say that the story has no match… now i remember: i had almost finished it when my XP crashed!!! god damn Microsoft! and that crash+reinstall took my saves from P:T… i know i can replay it but, sicerely, i don’t want to take the story from the start again, now that i know the main part.
    Like jahori said: have fun playing! oh, and i’ve changed my mind: BEST GAME EVER!

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