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Diablo 3: Barbarian – Defiled Crypt (Cemetery) Part 1


This is how I feel when being good at VideoGames

This is how I feel when being good at VideoGames



Darksiders II โ€“ Find and kill Gorewood

Darksiders II โ€“ Find and kill Gorewood


Reinventing the blog

I’ve thought about how can I put more content on the blog since I have so little time and I thought I can share what I find interesting and I am starting with this little art from a friends of … Continue reading


Many times we find ourselves in an awful state of my mind, unable to think clearly, worrying about stuff that may or may not have important meaning for us or our future, I am this close to calling it depression, however that is a misplaced word used for people that have suffered or are in an emotional pain, so Iโ€™m going to shoot it down in this article as: lack of self-motivation.
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The Audience and Me

Last Friday i had to make a short presentation at college for a local event. Well all went pretty fine and dandy, apart from…

I didn’t learn all the slides by heart and forgot some ideas along the way, that could have gotten my colleagues attention. Yes, you read right, i presented in front of colleagues from college. A question that came into my mind before this was : How hard can it be, they are the same age as me? Answer : very hard despite the age. To present 8 slides in 6 minutes in a coherent manner is stressful, the key word here is coherent. And i think that is my biggest problem i have to work on.

The observations i made during the rest of the presentations are as follows:

1. Know the language you are presenting in. Talking on the Internet is one thing, where you can edit, you can’t pause in front of handful of people while you apply the right tense.

2.Know your audience, presenting “Swarovski diamonds” in front of IT nerds is not what i call “relevant to my interests”.

3.Don’t put on your spelling bee face, but your “i am going to present something that may interest you” face. Gestures and voice tone are everything when you are talking at an event.

4.Most students don’t know how to make a presentation. Why isn’t this taught in school? You are going to work for a firm at which sooner or later you will have to make a presentation, so i see this as a prerequisite for programmers or folk in the IT business. Yes you are going to know how to convert from binary to hex, but you will not know how to present it to other people.

Hello world!

I was thinking about opening a blog for quite some time now, never thought i would actually do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyhow to not tear jerk this first post, i would give you a short notice on what this blog will be about :

  • Mainly computers, been a CS major i can get more feedback from my peers, without having to register to a dazling number of forums.
  • Games, despite the fact that i am a girl, i play video games when i have time. Also i am currently aiming to become a Game Programmer, so you can probably see the corelation between the first two items which you will find here.
  • A number ofย  ethical problems, starting from world events to local ones or personal ones.

You may wonder about the purpose of this blog…hmm good question, to that i give you two reasons : 1) i really want to network and see what others are thinking 2) i will post reminders of what i have to do like a bug to fix, a project to finish or start. Many people see it as “Oh who would want to read?”,but they don’t know that this is the Internet and when you are wrong there will be thousands of unbiased people that will tell you that.

Enough of this first post. ๐Ÿ™‚

The average post rythm will be around two or three per week, so check in.