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Velvet Assassin – chick with an atitude

I never really got into knowing the details about this game but this morning i saw a very cool video on GT, which made me extremely curios about the main characters psychology, yeah i am a psychology freak, sorta like House but not that cold. Ok so here is the vid :

Velvet Assassin Music Video Trailer

The music chosen for it seems kinda too teenagerish but i think i can close my eyes on that one.

Also in programming news, i managed to finish the algorithms homework, tho my backtracking takes less time to run then my AC1(Arc-Consistency 1).

I had to solve a CSP with n*n numbers and r restrictions. For 10*10 numbers:

Backtrack was instant and with 15k solutions.

AC1 took some time but went trough fewer solutions. I think i am doing something wrong in the revise function. Got to nibble on it some more.