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Dota 2 Epics: Magnus and Enigma Winning Combo

Diablo 3 Barbarian Defiled Crypt (Cemetery) Part 2

Diablo 3: Barbarian – Defiled Crypt (Cemetery) Part 1

Game Design Analysis – Demigod

GDA – Demigod

Always thought that any close replica of a DoTA game is not worth my time, however one day my boyfriend told me that I was dead wrong and that there is something that I might find interesting in Demigod. After two months since the mention of the game in one of our conversation I decided to join in and play. Continue reading


Game Design Analysis – Wolfenstein

GDA –Wolfenstein

I am a huge fan of John Carmack. Don’t know the fellow? Google him right now, moreover do an essay of 10.000 words with the title “Why I think inverse root square is awesome?”. Continue reading

Game Development Part I – Concept

Game Development – Part I

The Concept

In 2006 with the help of some friends I began to develop a video game, until that time I was sure that gamedev is an easy task that only requires you to know games, a newcomer’s mistake. My job was to do 3D models and animation and plainly spoken I really sucked at it, though my love for this side of game development hasn’t changed and I always appreciate what artists do in games.

Continue reading

Game Design Analysis – Velvet Assassin

Ok so this is GDA a Game-Design-Analysis about Velvet Assassin, which from my point of view is a…

I think that every boy and girl who played at least one classical game can naturaly claim that he or she knows a thing or two about design in games. After finishing a couple of missions in VA making this statement poses no regret whatsoever : the people which reside in the above mentioned category know more about design in games than the actual development team. And let me humor you and give you some examples:

1.The GFX is a part of the design and by far the graphics in this game is one of the ugliest i have ever seen since the reinvention of exaggerated HDR in Oblivion. Just take a look at the pics at the bottom of the post.Now if that is realism i’ll chew my keyboard.

2. Okay. Sound. What i really appreciate is the authenticity. Finally the nazis speak german :D. Tho sometimes it is very frustrating because you don’t know who is talking and you think you might miss out some cool lipsync, WRONG. There is no lipsync in this game.

3.General Gameplay. Now here i could write thousands and thousand of paragraphs and not get bored. First off in any 3rd person shooter, be it stealth or slash. you can run with the gun or in worst case you can walk while aiming, here you can’t. You have to slow down, aim and shoot. When you have a timer which is buzzing you to get the hell out of there before Ka-Boom, it can be very very unwise to have this as a design.

Another thing : no cover system. Even BGE (Beyond Good and Evil) which is a pseudo stealth 3rd person shooter has a cover system.  How can you assume that the player will not need it? It’s absurd. In any game in which your every step counts, seeing what is next is vital to the stealth feeling.

Camera is shaky, i don’t know what the hell those guys in the programming departmenat did with the parameters, but they screwed it up. If i tilt the camera to the right or left i get an unfriendly motion blur, which is painful for my eyes.

Each time you kill an enemy in stealth mode you have a really cool mini-cut-scene in which Velvet makes a quick action, now i agree in general for these specific types of in-game actions, but when i see her use her gun to execute the poor bastard and the number of bullets remain the same, well figure it out.

Throughout a mission you get collectibles, when you gather enough of them, you can upgrade your character, i really see no point in this gameplay decision since it rarely has impact on the way i play.

In morphine mode which is your only way to escape the shadows and kill an enemy right off has one interesting aspect, you can use it to kill exactly one enemy. ONE! If there are two Nazis side by side, the other probably kills you while you execute the other, so what did the player won, oh just a “Load Last Checkpoint”. I am not picky as far as games, but for the love of logic, do something that makes sense.

4. Story-line, i have reached mission 5 out of 12 and by now all i can say is that there is no story-line, go from x to y and kill z. I don’t think if i actually finish the game i will be more impressed then i already am, and on a scale of 1 to 10, i am definitely at 1.

To finish the phrase started at the beginning.

…a complete and utter disaster as far as design elements.

I’ll leave you with a couple of images, i doubt you will like them, just to give you an idea about what are you going to see if you dare play this game and for the love of Sam Fisher PLEASE DON’T.

Sorry for pullling this post last night, but i really wanted to see GameSpots grade and i don’t even want to comment their choice of giving it a 7.5, when other publications have seen what i’ve seen, meaning a waste of time.

Planescape Torment – SS

Ok so i promised i would come back and post some SS regarding the above mentioned game :

Planescape Torment

Along the lines of all the new age trends, I’ve found a smart,funny,interesting,old game.

It’s called Planescape Torment, i just sank my teeth into it and all i can say is wow. Tho it hasn’t got much voice acting, it has a lot of funny dialogs, just the sheer short lecture of Morte’s replies concerning the “chits” (female zombie workers)  around Mortuary and it got me hooked on for more.

Just a few stats so we can see the picture more clearly: it was released in 1999 by Black Isle, the same company that developed known RPGs like Icewind Dale,Fallout and Baldurs Gate. Unfortunately the plug was pulled in 2003 by Interplay and Black Isle ceased to exist, only on paper.

I didn’t play much, but right now my sincere opinion is this: developers should learn from BI how to create characters. Morte is a delight, even tho he looks something like this :

The villagers of Sigil are pretty well outlined, you will find Halots aka prostitutes, Thugs, Dustmen and Dwellers. I haven’t gone into the deep abyss of this wonderful game but from what i gather Dustmen are some sort of priests, that grant you access to  True Death, because the land i am currently in resembles the idea of purgatory. 😀

With time i will post some screenshots with content that i find to be pretty “smart” and funny. So if you want to see if it’s worth the eye ache, check them out.

Velvet Assassin – chick with an atitude

I never really got into knowing the details about this game but this morning i saw a very cool video on GT, which made me extremely curios about the main characters psychology, yeah i am a psychology freak, sorta like House but not that cold. Ok so here is the vid :

Velvet Assassin Music Video Trailer

The music chosen for it seems kinda too teenagerish but i think i can close my eyes on that one.

Also in programming news, i managed to finish the algorithms homework, tho my backtracking takes less time to run then my AC1(Arc-Consistency 1).

I had to solve a CSP with n*n numbers and r restrictions. For 10*10 numbers:

Backtrack was instant and with 15k solutions.

AC1 took some time but went trough fewer solutions. I think i am doing something wrong in the revise function. Got to nibble on it some more.